Comedy Is Change As Comic LP Makes History With Groundbreaking "Black Reparations" Track Release
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Stand-up Comedian 'LP' spent decades working IT in San Diego before exploring the local comedy scene in 2018. In 2020, just as he was becoming adept at navigating the comedy landscape and delighting crowds, the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the clubs and the 62-year-old was forced to stop doing stand-up. But people need to laugh now more than ever. So, LP now focuses his efforts on recording his comedy content to amuse, enlighten, engage, and delight an ever-widening audience.

SAN DIEGO - Californer -- "Black Reparations" is as polarizing a term as any can get. It's so emotionally charged that the typical reaction to hearing someone has done a comedy routine on it is bound to be... "OH, NO, HE DIDN'T!!"

But... Oh, yes, HE did!!

He is San Diego, California Stand-up Comic, and comedy concept recording artist, LP. And although, our first impulse is to doubt his sanity. It turns out his perspective on the subject is both insightful and hilarious. For which, all of us are thankful. (It's not every day someone takes on a polarizing issue and uses comedy to distill it to its essence and make it humorously relatable to almost everyone... Successfully.)

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Besides being gut-wrenchingly funny, "Black Reparations" is deeply-nourishing food-for-thought on a very controversial issue. If you think you have a well-formed opinion on this subject, prepare to have your world turned around!

And of course, we all want to know what led him to do it? "It's an issue whose time has come and I wanted to remove some of the rancor surrounding it," LP says. "But, I really did it because it was a challenging topic to get people to laugh about."

It's true. LP has drawn a line in the sand... and crossed it, himself, with this latest release.

Standing on the cutting edge of 21st-century American comedy, LP establishes himself as one of the grittiest, wittiest, and brightest lights in the current comedy scene. Not only that, with "Black Reparations," he has truly broken new ground.

It's all a matter of heart. With this, his latest creation, LP shows that he is not afraid to move in new directions. He will challenge his listeners. He will humor his listeners... And he will make them laugh!

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Truth is the root of all comedy. Comedy is honesty. Comedy is change. And, in the hands of LP, comedy is a transformative experience!

Listen to LP... His time has come. And that means the time has also arrived, for Stand Up Comedy to truly become stand-up.

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