Facebook Ads Versus Cold Emails
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Can you really compare the two approaches and which one is better?

LOS ANGELES - Californer -- Is Cold Email Better than Paid Ads?


Especially in the beginning. Here's why:

1) It's FREE!

2) In the beginning, you probably won't have the hundreds to thousands of dollars required to gain real traction on Google AdWords or with Facebook ads.

3) Ads on Facebook and Google have a "life cycle". In other words, they wear out! But you can fire up cold emails anytime you want.

Well, not anytime!

Because you will learn exactly what time to send them based on data from thousands of emailings.

Do you have a family member, or know someone, with a B2B business?

Then what you will learn here will make you their new favorite person.

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(Don't be surprised if they even want to throw cash at you).

Make Money While Watching TV!
I know that the hard-core gurus try to get you to give up Netflix, and movie watching.

They say that your focus on growing a business should be single minded.

But Cold Emailing just may be the perfect activity for watching TV.

It's like making money while watching TV.

However, I do suggest that you get 2 computer monitors.

On monitor one, you will be sending cold emails and making money while monitor two will make the process even more enjoyable!

Learn more here:

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