Glutaminase (GLS1) Inhibitor Screening Kit (Fluorometric)
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Sensitive, reproducible assay for initial screening of potential Glutaminase Inhibitors

MILPITAS, Calif. - March 14, 2019 - Californer -- Glutaminase (EC, GLS) is an enzyme that hydrolyzes glutamine producing glutamate and ammonia. It has tissue-specific roles in multiple organs, some of which include ammonia generation for urea synthesis in the liver; maintenance of acid-base homeostasis by ammonia production during renal acidosis in the kidney; and regulation of neurotransmitter glutamate in the brain. The isoform glutaminase 1 (GLS1) or phosphate-activated mitochondrial glutaminase is critical for glutamine utilization by cancer cells and the rate of
glutaminolysis is known to increase in tumors, making it extremely important for tumor cell metabolism. GLS1 inhibitors have been considered as potential candidate drugs for cancer therapy.

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BioVision's Glutaminase (GLS1) Inhibitor Screening Kit is a plate-based fluorometric kit for screening human GLS1 inhibitors. The hydrolysis of glutamine by glutaminase forms glutamate and ammonia. Glutamate, in the presence of a developer and enzyme mix, converts a non-fluorescent probe to a fluorescent product via an enzymatic reaction. A well-known Glutaminase inhibitor - CB-839 is provided as an inhibitor control.

Figure: Inhibition of Glutaminase activity by CB-839. IC50 of CB-839 was determined to be 13 ± 2.8 nM.  Enzyme kinetics in presence and absence of CB-839. Assays were performed using K479-100 kit protocol.

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