How the Democrats, the Mass Media, and China Colluded to Destroy Donald, Part 2 of 4
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The fix was in. The Democrats were going to send more factories to China – and help China become the world leader by 2030.

LOS ANGELES - Californer -- Continued from Part 1.  Under the Obama administration, the Democrats agreed to help China become the World Leader much faster, now by 2030. In fact, all the American politicians and political analysts agreed - that China would become the World Leader by 2030. The most powerful country in the world would soon be China. America would be #2.

Except, along came Donald Trump.

The fix was in. Hillary was going to be elected President, for sure. The Democratic politicians were personally making huge amounts of side money from China - and were going to stay in power for at least 50 more years. They couldn't lose.

The fix was in. China was assured that American factories would continue to be sent to China under Hilary's Presidency. And, the Democrats assured China that America would "step aside" and let China become the World Leader by 2030.

The fix was in. The Mass Media companies made a deal with the Democrats – to break up the large social media companies using anti-trust laws. The Mass Media companies would acquire the broken-up parts of the social media – and thus the Mass Media companies would be saved from going bankrupt.

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From the arrival of Donald Trump, the Democratic Political Machine, the Mass Media, and China began to explore a solution – to save their agreed upon plans and to secure their future. They had to do it.

Meanwhile, China and Russia had been seriously working on creating Biological Weapons since right after World War II. Russia had the advantage since they started investigating biological mind control studies back in the later 1800's under Professor Pavlov.

China had a different advantage, since they have millions of people which they could use to experiment on. And, they had been doing that for years.

Along the way, both China and Russia were developing various chemicals that would produce mind control. But, they couldn't find the magic bullet, which they were seeking.

Soon, they would develop and use what would become the "K4X Virus." Their magic bullet.

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Learn about the mind-controlling K4X virus that was used by the Democrats to infect their own people and make them hate Donald Trump. Go to


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