Lying Lawyer, Shawn M. Benjamin (306251,) Reported to State Bar
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Lying lawyer, with double identity, Shawn M. Benjamin (Lic. 306251,) reported to California State Bar, after multiple reports of dishonesty; incompetence; unprofessionalism; and harassing behavior.

FRESNO, Calif. - Californer -- It may be confusing to know, whether you crossed paths with the latest California attorney to be accused of reprehensible behavior; because Shawn M. Benjamin (Lic. 306251,) appears to have a number of identities. Although working at the Fresno County Public Defender's Office this past year, his California State Bar registration showed he was operating his own law firm, eponymously entitled, The Law Offices of Shawn M. Benjamin, in the upscale wealthy enclave of Orange County. Apparently, this was just a blatant lie, as Mr. Benjamin was actually working at the Fresno Public Defender's office, where he has been providing substandard service and lying to clients, which led to him recently being reported to the State Bar.

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Indeed, former classmates of Mr. Benjamin allege that he tries to hide his middle eastern moslem background, with his Americanized name. Albeit former classmates were less concerned with his "obviously" middle eastern features, and more focused on his unstable passive aggressive behavior, some even comparing him to Elliot Rodger, (but with much darker skin and a very pockmarked face.) For those who do not remember, Elliot Rodger was the U.C. Santa Barbara school shooter who self described himself as an incel.

Although the State Bar has now opened up an investigation of attorney Shawn M. Benjamin for dishonesty; incompetence; unprofessionalism; and harassing behavior; among other things; it does not appear the State Bar has jurisdiction to handle all the disturbing concerns of former classmates and others. It appears Mr. Benjamin's Orange County law firm was just a fabrication that did not exist; and he previously worked with attorney Zulu Abdullah Ali (Lic. 252998,) in Riverside, CA, who has a disciplinary record with the State Bar, as well as, open disciplinary cases pending. But what if people were paying money to Mr. Benjamin's fictitious law firm, when in fact he was working at the Public Defender's Office in Fresno ... and notably not servicing his Fresno clients, causing delay, and lying to those Fresno clients. In all likelihood there could be many more victims of Mr. Benjamin, and they are urged to contact the California State Bar at 1-800-843-9053, or submit an online complaint at .

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