Presidential Candidate Chance Trahan Puts Bill Gates On Blast And The Guilty Point Fingers At China
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We All Know That Bill Gates Created This Corona Virus and Chance Trahan Is Giving Him And His Incumbent White House Accomplice Donald Trump Absolutely No Wiggle-Room

LOS ANGELES - Californer -- Trump VS The Invisible Enemy

No one is surprised to learn that Bill Gates Created the Corona Virus and they actually can piece together how it's true on their own with very little help from the Nonpartisan leading 2020 Presidential Candidate, Chance Trahan.

Trump says he's aiming right at Easter for this all to blow over, because face the facts, this is a flu, and info from a trusted source confirms today that this 'Stay Inside' business is in-fact a complete scam.

"Everyone in the US wants to blame China for this whole thing when Bill Gates is the one responsible, and Chinese Americans expect an apology, much less the native-Chinese themselves. They must be horridly livid. I would be too! Here comes this supposed leader, and he points the finger at China instead of the guilty party? Especially after I put the guilty party on blast? Eh, what kind of favors are they doing for each other? Something seems really fishy, especially with California Governor, Gavin Newsom exclusively dabbing into the mix to get his fair share of these corporate profits, I'm sure," Presidential Candidate, Sheriff Chance Trahan exclaims.

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"On top of stealing my idea to give supplemental-income to families all across America, Trump has also flat-out jacked my stance on this sudden 'pandemic' by claiming in-so-many-words that 'the Democrats are responsible for this corona virus pandemic and they're doing this to try to thwart my campaign.' This incumbent candidate might as well have walked up and took the words right out of my mouth, regurgitated them, and then spewed them back up and onto the public," Trahan adds.

Chance expresses his impression of the Trump Administration,
"President Trump, what should we do next?"

Chance switches his impression to Trump's hypothetical response,
"Let me see, what is Candidate Trahan saying elsewhere, but not saying on his press release? Oh. okay. He claims that this whole Corona virus pandemic is just us trying to destroy his campaign, but hasn't said it in a press release. This is perfect. Golden. This is a golden calf."

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If you thought the Trump Admin did Joe Biden dirty, then you should really see what the Trump Administration has been doing to Mr. Trahan's 2020 Presidential Campaign. To learn more about what's gone on since starting the Trahan 2020 Campaign for President, check out

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