Succulent Market Announce the Release of New Succulent Soil Product
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SAN DIEGO - Californer -- The Succulent Market team recently announced the release of its new succulent soil product. According to the Succulent Market team they have seen an incredible demand for succulent soil. The Succulent Market team thinks that this rising demand for succulent soil may be related to the COVID 19 Pandemic. More than ever it seems that people are turning to gardening as a coping mechanism deal with the strains of the pandemic. This upsurge in gardening explains why many people are increasingly looking for specialty soils, like succulent soil, to effectively grow their plants in their gardens.

According to the Succulent Market team, succulents need a very specific type of soil. Succulent soil must be incredibly well-draining. This is because succulents enjoy an incredibly dry and arid environment. If succulents are placed in soil that is too loamy or thick then it is likely that the succulent will rot. This is because if a soil is thick or loamy, the soil will hold onto too much water which will cause the roots of the succulents to rot. A well-draining soil for succulents is necessary because the roots of succulents require both ample air and water. A well-draining succulent soil provided this arid and water requirement perfectly.

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Succulent Market claims that over the course of 50 years they have been able to find a succulent soil blend that holds the perfect amount of water so that the succulent is hydrated and can also receive adequate airflow to the roots. If you want to check out Succulent Market's new succulent soil go to

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