Artists Use Synesthesia To Expand Their Creative Limits
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Meet Futurist & Artist With Synesthesia, Cynthia Pinot - The Quantum Muse

LOS ANGELES - Californer -- Imagine living in a world where music is not only heard, but also seen, where words have flavors and colors have a smell. That is a reality for some people with a rare neurological condition. And some artists are using it to expand their creative limits.

Contemporary Artist Cynthia Pinot has frequently spoken about having synesthesia and how it helps her create art. According to Healthline, synesthesia is a neurological condition in which information meant to stimulate one of your senses stimulates several of your senses. People who have synesthesia are called synesthetes." Research from 2006 shows that about 2-4% of the population have the condition. Pinot said that her synesthesia inspires a lot of her work. "Like all of my work for the most part have to do with synesthesia, all of my artwork, everything I do, live, all the colors for each photograph, painting, it's because those are the colors for those images specifically."

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There are other artists, like Stevie Wonder, Billie Elish, Ferrell Williams,  and John Mayer, who have also  described having  synesthesia. John Mayer revealed that his neurological condition allows him to see colors, he sees his music as "shapes, colors, geometry. I've done it for so long now, that a lot of that data has sort of dissolved, and it's all feeling now," he said. "I just know where it is. It's very Jedi now."
Cynthia Pinot, also referred to as The Quantum Muse creates artworks that use a variety of media and techniques – drawing, 3D, motion graphics, photography, and Synthography - computer-based interaction. Cynthia was diagnosed with Synesthesia in two forms: Chromesthesia, and Spatial Sequence Synesthesia at age eight. Pinot describes her world in an abstract quantum level where all sound has color and time stamps have a very definitive latitude and longitude, but constantly in motion. Cynthia's interest in Dutch masters has also influenced her work. She is fascinated by their use of light and shadow, and the way they can create a sense of depth and realism using only a few simple elements. This has led her to experiment with light and shadow in her own work, and to create portraits that often have a dreamlike quality about them.

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When asked, Pinot shared "I use photography, illustrative, drawing tools, generative adversarial network, synthesized machine intuition, to push the velocity and boundaries of the human expression. Via the mechanism of quantum feedback, you send a constant, and never-ending stream of information into the universal intelligence of the quantum field. As a result, the potentialities of all your alternative realities collapse into the present moment and coalesce to create chance opportunities, synchronicities, and diving timing. As artist I feel it is our responsibility to be the voice and the eyes for others as we move through all timelines, just be present, create the truth as you see it, and hear, where others cannot, even if the demands are difficult in this prosaic world.  We can change the world; through truth, texture, and colored sound vibrations, through love all things are possible."
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