COGNITIVE DISSONANCE TRILOGY+ Book Series by Multi Award-Winning Indie Filmmaker/Author Bob Bryan
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Bryan documents the emotional / psychological / intellectual nightmarish ordeal suffered by himself & Others during the pernicious oppressive COVID-19 Pandemic.

LOS ANGELES - Californer -- The COGNITIVE DISSONANCE TRILOGY + Book / Kindle Series (GV Docu-Series) conceptualized and spewed by Multi Award-Winning Indie Documentary Filmmaker / Author Bob Bryan is his Diary of Haphazard Musings and Irreverent Paranoid Conclusions.

With the COGNITIVE DISSONANCE TRILOGY +, Bryan succeeds in channeling and documenting the emotional / psychological / intellectual nightmarish ordeal suffered by himself and 'Others' during the pernicious and oppressive worldwide COVID-19 Pandemic.

'COGNITIVE DISSONANCE TRILOGY + ' is now part of Bryan's evergreen GV Docu-Series universe of books and films available through, and other outlets.

Part 1 - PRISM: A Collection of Random Anecdotal Fragments, -isms, Delusional Thoughts, Confessions, Conversations & Rants, (2019).

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"My DNA confuses me.
Makes me shutter at the idea of continuity and comprehension.
Within me Dwells 'the Blur.'
It is where I live…"

Part 2 - PRISON: TORMENTED BY THE REFRAIN, The Premeditated Manipulation of the Conventional Mind, (2020).
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"A Whisper struggling to explain a Scream!
The terrifying secrets of the Shadow…"

Part 3 - POISON: A Diary of Haphazard Musings & Irreverent Paranoid Conclusions, [REPEAT OFFENDER], (2021).
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"People tend to want to believe in the
inherent goodness of Others.
That is, until they've been repeatedly and violently
penetrated by Malevolent Vampires…"

Part 4 - PLUS ONE: SOCIAL ANXIETY DISORDER - Metacognitive Attributions, (2022).
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"If my aim is true,
I have inspired your Rationality
and confused your Raison d'etre."

"Cognitive Dissonance is a duplicitous state of mind, a blurred malaise, a fractured overlay of dull blasé blasé static, the horrible din of relentless gray noize, the spiked buzz you get from a sugar high.

REALITY as I had previously related to it, now seemed a lil 'off;' nothing seemed to sync-up properly. Fraudulent voices, competing energies and forces fighting for the same space. A 'Cage Fight' with no Champion or Dark Horse to root for," confessed the Author.

PRISM / PRISON / POISON / PLUS ONE are metaphorical breaks from the bland re-configurations that routinely surfaced from the primordial secretion of Bryan's shimmering, anomalous, rambling 'Normality.' Every page is a pugnacious confession, 'For Your Eyes Only!'

COGNITIVE DISSONANCE TRILOGY PLUS ONE: SOCIAL ANXIETY DISORDER - Metacognitive Attributions is Bob's Final Frantic Piece to his Absurd Misadventures!!!


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