How to Dropship on eBay from Walmart - And Avoid Paying for Software
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Looking to start dropship on eBay and not pay for expensive software? Read this...

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Are You New to Dropshipping?
Perhaps you have heard all of the success stories about how easy it is to dropship on eBay from sites like Walmart, Amazon, or HomeDepot.

There are some challenges that you should be aware of before you begin:

Upfront Payments -  The most profitable items range between $50 to 100 dollars. And the dropshippers with the best stats usually mark the items up $5 to 10 dollars. This means if you ten items you will make $50 to 100 dollars. The challenge is that often you will need to pay for the items upfront before the buyer gets your funds. You could be out of 1,000 dollars only to earn 100 dollars.

Returns - Let's face it buyers will return items. Even if you have a low return rate (10%) it becomes challenging trying to work out the logistics of getting the item back to return.

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Big Brand Packaging - Many people talking about the advantages of dropshipping will often play down this point. When an eBay buyer gets a box from a big brand (Walmart, Amazon, or HomeDepot) they scratch their heads. (Especially if the original invoice is left in the box). Then they go to the brand's site and discover how much they would have paid if purchased there. This very often triggers a return.

Amazon Issues - In general Amazon does not like it when its platform/brand is used for dropshipping. They frown upon it. This is especially true if you use their Prime next day shipping service which can cause them to close your account.

Expensive Software - You can start dropshipping without software. But you will quickly discover that it is difficult to do without it.

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