MHRCET Plans To Launch Substance Use and Mental Health Education Program for System-Involved Youth
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COPPEROPOLIS, Calif. - Californer -- Mental Health and Recovery Counseling Education and Training (MHRCET) is proud to announce the initiation of a transformative program aimed at addressing the unique challenges faced by underserved system-involved youth in California. Recognizing the critical need for comprehensive support, MHRCET is launching an innovative initiative that focuses on substance use and mental health education with the ultimate goal of providing prevention and early intervention services.

The program will encompass a multifaceted approach, incorporating mentoring, counseling, peer support, academic and career development activities. MHRCET aims to empower youth by providing them with the necessary tools to navigate the complexities of their circumstances, fostering personal growth, and instilling a sense of purpose. The incorporation of a career development component underscores the organization's commitment to breaking the cycle of recidivism by facilitating pathways to stable employment.

"One distinctive aspect of the program is its emphasis on engaging parents and caregivers in the process," stated Ms. Toonen, CEO at MHRCET. Recognizing the pivotal role that familial support plays in the rehabilitation of system-involved youth, MHRCET is committed to creating a collaborative environment that involves families in the journey toward positive change.

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Ms. Toonen states, "Certainly, there are challenges associated with unserved youth in schools and finding employment, but we are dedicated to confronting these obstacles head-on. We are strategically planning to use our expertise and partnerships to ensure that every youth participant in the program is equipped with the resources necessary for success." By addressing the root causes and offering a holistic support system, MHRCET aims to make a lasting impact on the lives of vulnerable youth and contribute to the overall well-being of the community.


MHRCET is comprised of caring, dedicated, and mission-driven individuals working toward the common goal of helping those with mental health and recovery issues. Primary objectives include providing quality mental health services, educating the public, engaging those in need of support, and advocating for those unable to advocate for themselves. For more information, please visit

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