Synergize Your Senses: Urban Medicine Woman's Holiday Scented Bliss with Synergy Blend Roll-Ons!
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Elevate Holiday Gifting with Urban Medicine Woman's Synergy Blend Roll-Ons! Crafted from Pure Essential Oils, Experience Aromatic Wellness On-the-Go. Gift Relaxation and Joy this Season!

VENTURA, Calif. - Californer -- Urban Medicine Woman, a rising influencer in the realm of aromatherapy and holistic well-being, proudly presents its latest addition to their product line: a captivating series of Synergy Blend Roll-Ons.

Urban Medicine Woman's Synergy Blend Roll-Ons are meticulously crafted to offer a convenient and delightful aromatic experience, making them an ideal scented gift choice for the holiday season.

"Our synergy blend roll-ons are a wonderful addition to our range, reflecting our dedication to supporting individuals on their wellness journey," stated Ayrin Estis, the visionary Founder of Urban Medicine Woman. "Especially during this holiday season, the power of scent to evoke feelings of nostalgia, warmth, and joy is unparalleled. Our roll-ons offer a unique and thoughtful gift option for spreading relaxation and well-being."

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Crafted from 100% pure essential oils and infused with Jojoba oil, each roll-on blend is tailor-made to cater to distinct needs, promoting overall well-being and emotional balance. Urban Medicine Woman offers a selection of unique combinations like Relax, Athletic, Breathe, Heart, and more. These thoughtfully curated blends aim to alleviate stress, elevate moods, and induce relaxation, providing users with a sensory journey towards balance and tranquility.

Presented in sleek and portable 10ml bottles, the Synergy Blend Roll-Ons ensure hassle-free application and convenience on-the-go. The roll-on applicator ensures mess-free usage, while the secure cap preserves the product's freshness for prolonged use. Their compact size makes them an excellent choice for individuals seeking moments of self-care and mindfulness amidst their busy schedules.

Urban Medicine Woman remains committed to offering premium-quality aromatic wellness products at an affordable price, ensuring accessibility for all. Founder Ayrin Estis passionately expresses, "Aromatherapy should be an integral part of everyone's daily routine. Our diverse range of pure aromatic products caters to individual needs, making wellness accessible to everyone."

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Elevate your holiday gifting experience with Urban Medicine Woman's Synergy Blend Roll-Ons, now available for purchase on their official website at

About Urban Medicine Woman
At Urban Medicine Woman, we believe that everyone should have access to the incredible benefits of pure aromatic wellness products! That's why we offer 100% pure Essential Oils and other unique solutions that boast an exceptional level of quality, without the hefty price tag. We are passionate about making aromatherapy a part of everyone's daily lifestyle. We offer a variety of pure aromatic products with a wide array of carefully curated solutions, designed to cater to unique needs and we are committed to making our products accessible to all. Join us on this journey.

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