"Will I Make My Money Back?" The hidden objection to your offer
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Do you offer a way for individuals to MMO? Here's how you can help them...

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According to Google:
The total number of internet users around the world grew by 171 million in the past 12 months – that's an average of almost half a million new users every day.

"Will I Make My Money Back?"
If you are looking to make money online the cost of some MMO programs may shock you.
This is because many programs use expensive paid ads. Because of this would-be buyers are concerned about making their money back.

"What if I don't follow through?"
The best way to get clients to follow through is by having them experience financial success in their first few days.

"I don't have the money."
Providing your lookers a way to sample your product before purchasing can help them move across the conversion line.

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"I don't have the time."
Yeah, it's hard to compete with Netflix (and other time-stealers). This is another reason that you must get your new buyer to cash flow quickly.

"I want to wait."
Procrastination is delaying doing something until a later time. Odds are your customers simply don't have enough information to make their decision. Allowing free access is a good way to fill this need.

How we overcome these objections:
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