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By the end of the month. ALL Heavy Duty Diesel Vehicles and Trucks operating in California will be required to get Tested for Pollution. You will need to get Registered and pay a FEE.

SAN DIEGO - Californer -- Foreign vehicles from countries like Mexico and Canada will be required to get tested, register and pay the $30 Fee. In the event a DPF is dirty or the engine light is on a vehicle has a good chance of failing the test. In California by 2035 all Diesel Tractor Sales must be zero emissions. Additional States like: New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Oregon, Washington, and New Mexico are among States that will require Carbon Testing inspections in the near future.

C.A.R.B.'s Clean Air Resources Board's "program combines periodic testing requirements with other emissions monitoring techniques and expanded enforcement."

California in addition to approved garage testing sites will be installing remote Testing facilities along its highway's. In the event a vehicle fails an emission Test it will be required to repair it immediately, even if a new Diesel motor is necessary.

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Currently there is a low cost proven solution Approved by C.A.R.B. The ECOFuelMax Pollution (aka ECO Fuel System) is a simple low cost solution that can reduce Carbon Pollution/Particulates 40% to over 70%.The patented ECO Fuel System has been manufactured in the USA for over10 years, BBB A+ Rating.

It operates on the principle of Electrolysis/Electrostatic Energy helping all fuels burn more combustible and cleaner. No motor modification, no warranty issues. Results are reduced Pollution, DPF Maintenance (+/-70%), DEF use (+/-40%) and a reduction in Fuel Consumption (+/-10%).

The guaranteed ECOFuelMax Pollution Solution (ECO Fuel System) has been Tested and Certified by Government approved laboratories. US Border Patrol/Homeland Security tested and uses it. For years tens of thousands of Yellow School Buses, thousands of EMS units, Trucks and Automobiles have saved thousands of dollars annually for a low cost one time investment, it can last 20+ years.

Ask to do a Test today, if for any reason anyone is unhappy return it for a refund, BBB A+ Guaranteed (10+ years). For information or to schedule a test on your vehicles Go Online ( or call and speak to a human.


Source: ECO Fuel Systems, LLC

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