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When it comes to addiction, talk about it in a song!! Home Alone on the phone

MIAMI - Californer -- Home Alone on the Phone, it is normal these days even for our children. Phones are an addictive device. Where ever you go, you see people on their phones. Out to dinner and you see a whole family on their phones, not talking to each other or looking up to even talk. It is ruining family time.
One day Ingrid was sitting and watching and noticed, everyone on their phones. AT dinner time out in public, on the phones, even the kids. At hospitals, at shopping malls, at the beach, at family gatherings, what is going on with everyone these days and the phones she thought.. It is an addiction and it starts at a young age these days.
Life today is not like it used to be 30 years ago. It has really changed, technology has taken over the world. Parents are sometimes busy with work and catching up on normal life things at home and due to this, they need time, so why not give the kids a phone to entertain them while they are doing what needs to be done. It keeps kids busy with the apps on the phones and so forth, from watching videos to playing games. Parents get free time for themselves.

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Phones are becoming an addictive nature for people. From the time people wake up till the time they go to bed, you will notice they have their phones in hand. If someone forgets a phone somewhere they are frantic to find it. The phones are controlling people. It starts at a very young age these days, kids even take their phones to bed with them.
So when Ingrid saw this, she decided to write about it and create a song for it. She reached out to producer, Michael Winter and got him to work on a beat for her, reached out to Frank Starchak and hit the studio with him for about 12 hours to record. Focussing on a way to reach the public with it, will move in to the advertising area of placing the music in places for the public to hear it. It is a song of fun but getting the point across that we are becoming addicted to phones and other technology and losing focus on what is really in front of us.
We do not even communicate face to face much these days, it is on the phone. Have you ever texted someone in the next room to ask them something? Most people will have said yes to that question.
"Home Alone on the Phone" Is on all platforms.

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