Introducing Art Vandelet Bag Tags: Where Opulence Meets Humor and Exclusivity
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Sugar Daddy Miami
Lauren Seivert Brown maximizes her secret Miami Sugar Baby lifestyle to launch new brand!

MIAMI - Californer -- Art Vandelet Bag Tags (AV) is excited to announce the launch of its inaugural collection, bringing a touch of cheeky extravagance to everyday life. Featuring Custom Monogrammed Titanium Tags ($200) and offering Leather ($50) and Plastic ($15) Bag Tags, AV is inspired by the fabulously wealthy and mysterious Miami impresario, Art Vandelet.  The new brand invites you to discover a world where luxury, mystery, and humor intertwine seamlessly.

Founded by Lauren Seivert Brown, AV draws inspiration from her time as a Miami Sugar Baby and her love for handbags and the vibrant culture of Miami. With a background in Art History from the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA, Lauren brings a unique perspective to the world of luxury accessories. Having worked as a professional photographer in LA and Scottsdale, and with experiences in London and Miami, Lauren infuses the brand with a rich tapestry of influences.

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Because Lauren understands firsthand that you (and your bags) deserve a secretive love affair (with luxury,) Art Vandelet Bag Tags offers monogrammed mastery - your bag's VIP pass to extravagance. The iconic AV logo, inspired by the enigma of Louis Vuitton, reflects the wealth and mystery of Art Vandelet himself. Through luxurious aesthetics, the brand captures the essence of an extravagant lifestyle, inviting you to indulge in a world of opulence.

AV creations are already sought after by Nouveau Rich Trendsetters looking to make a statement, Luxury Enthusiasts who appreciate high-end fashion with a twist, and Social Media Influencers in pursuit of eye-catching accessories.  An extended stay at SLS Brickell? Last minute flight from NYC to CDG? Art Vandelet is with you!

Embark on this journey into the enigmatic world of Art Vandelet Bag Tags, where every tag tells a story of luxury, humor, and exclusivity.

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For more information, visit  or find them on IG at and

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