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Is it worth the price and why would you spend so much money on a book?

LOS ANGELES - Californer -- From the book's description:

"This book will reveal the secrets from legendary admen like:

Bill Bernbach
Neil French
David Ogilvy
John Caples
Leo Burnett
P. T. Barnum
Maurice Saatchi
Allan Johnston
Alan Morris
Claude C. Hopkins
Gary Halbert
Joseph Sugarman
Eugene Schwartz

(...and many others!)

You will discover the mind-bending psychology that:

- Gets people to pay $5,000 for a burger. (It features wagyu beef, seared foie gras, and black truffle shavings).

- Causes intelligent men to stay up until the wee hours of the morning on sex sites. Often with wives or girlfriends in the next room!

- Entices women to spend the price of a luxury car to change the look of their faces.

- Persuades millions of people to consume a chemical concoction that will melt battery acid yet is labeled as a "soft drink".

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Richard A. Hartz is a contributor to PaidLetter.Com. He says: "Using just one of the many secret strategies, techniques, and mechanisms you find here will more than pay for the cost of the book!"

(End of book description)

Richard runs SeminarSpy.Com.

You may have gone to a seminar and felt that you learned the one thing worth the ticket price.

This book takes the same stance.

It reveals some of the tricks (mind control?) that ad gurus are using today to get you to click the "Add To Cart" button.

If you have a brick-and-mortar business it shows you how to get customers in the door.

It did have some interesting information on the advertising industry that I had not encountered before.

However, it was the shocking sex website secret strategies that made a lasting impression on me.

I had always wondered with all of the free content on these sites why would anyone pay for access?

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This book answers this question in disquieting detail.

And it also probes deeper into the reasons why we, as consumers, are almost helpless to make certain purchases.

It felt very enlightening as I looked at my credit card statements from the last few months!

Certainly worth the read.


Source: YourHappyClients.Com

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