California: Woodn’t you know it – beavers are back!
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~ Sacramento, California - After over a century of absence, beavers have made a triumphant return to the South Fork Tule River watershed. The Tule River Tribe, in collaboration with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), released a family of seven beavers into the area last week.

This historic release was made possible through the dedication and efforts of tribal leaders, who have been working towards this moment for the past 10 years. Their work was supported by research that highlighted the important role beavers play in maintaining ecological health. Additionally, Governor Gavin Newsom's commitment to nature-based solutions also played a crucial role in making this release possible.

"The beaver release is not only about restoring the land but also about restoring communities and trust between the state and tribes," said Governor Newsom. "It turns out that beavers are not only good at building dams, but they're also dam good at building trust."

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Kenneth McDarment, a member of the Tule River Tribe and past tribal councilman, expressed his excitement for the return of these animals to their ancestral home. "I'm very happy to see [the beavers] come home and it's going to be wonderful to watch them do their thing," he said. "People will be educated even more by seeing the work that they do and the benefits they bring to the environment."

The benefits of this reintroduction are expected to have a significant impact on the environment, particularly on water supply. Beaver dams will help extend seasonal flows, improve drought and wildfire resilience, and better conserve drinking water for the Tule River Tribe. Currently, 80% of their drinking water comes from this watershed.

The CDFW launched its Beaver Restoration Program in 2022 with funding from the state, which supported the Tribe in preparing their reservation for the arrival of these animals.

For more information on this historic beaver release, please visit the CDFW website. The return of these beavers marks a significant step towards restoring the natural balance of the South Fork Tule River watershed and serves as a reminder of the importance of nature-based solutions in preserving our environment.

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