CCA's CocoLoco Chosen to Compete in Junior Achievement Nationals in Washington DC
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CocoLoco is a student-run business that emerged from Canyon Crest Academy's advanced business class. Founded by Daniella Addeo Cortes, Noah Benhaim, and Shaan Garg, CocoLoco offers a range of eco-friendly products, including recycled coconuts filled with succulents and coconut candles. Their commitment to social and environmental responsibility drives them to create sustainable gifts while making a positive impact in the community.

SAN DIEGO - Californer -- CocoLoco, a remarkable student-run business originating from Canyon Crest Academy's advanced business class in San Diego, CA, has been selected among hundreds of teams across the nation to participate in the prestigious Junior Achievement Nationals in Washington DC this summer. What began as a simple advanced business class project has now evolved into a platform for social and environmental impact.

Under the guidance of Mr. Brian Baum, the advanced business class instructor, CocoLoco has demonstrated exceptional entrepreneurship skills and dedication. The team, comprised of Senior Ethan Phillips, Junior Daniella Addeo Cortes, Junior Noah Benhaim, and Sophomore Shaan Garg, has consistently exhibited a commitment to making a positive difference in their community and the world.

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One of the distinguishing aspects of CocoLoco is their unwavering support for Cancer for College, a noble cause that resonates deeply with the team. Inspired by the resilience and transformative impact of Craig Pollard, a former teacher at Canyon Crest Academy, CocoLoco has chosen to align themselves with Cancer for College's mission. They have committed to donating their profits to help cancer patients achieve their dreams of attending college, despite the overwhelming burden of medical expenses.

"We are honored to represent Canyon Crest Academy and San Diego at the Junior Achievement Nationals. We are grateful to be given the opportunity to share our commitment to Cancer for College's cause," expressed Noah Benhaim. "Craig Pollard's story has inspired us, and we are dedicated to making a meaningful difference in the lives of cancer survivors by helping them pursue higher education," states Shaan Garg.

In addition to their support for Cancer for College, CocoLoco also emphasizes environmental sustainability. The team has creatively designed and manufactured eco-friendly products, including recycled coconuts filled with succulents and coconut candles. "By repurposing discarded coconut shells and utilizing natural materials, CocoLoco not only reduces waste but also promotes a more sustainable future." explains Daniella Addeo Cortes.

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CocoLoco's selection as the only team from San Diego and one of just 15 teams across the United States to present to esteemed members of congress and entrepreneurs is a testament to their remarkable efforts. Their business idea, which revolves around offering eco-friendly recycled coconut products while supporting Cancer for College, has captured the attention and admiration of both the local community and the nation as a whole.

The Junior Achievement Nationals in Washington DC provide a platform for young entrepreneurs to showcase their talents, network with influential individuals in the business world, and gain invaluable experience. CocoLoco's innovative approach, coupled with their commitment to supporting cancer survivors and environmental sustainability, has undoubtedly earned them this remarkable opportunity.

As CocoLoco prepares to embark on this exciting journey, the team remains focused on their mission of combining business acumen with social and environmental responsibility. By donating a percentage of their profits to Cancer for College and offering eco-friendly recycled coconut gifts, they aim to make a lasting impact on both individuals and the planet.

To learn more about CocoLoco and their participation at Junior Achievement Nationals visit or follow them on social media @CocoLocoGifts.

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CocoLoco, CMO

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