Custom House Juneteenth Museum: Where the digital and physical join to deliver a unique experience
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June Nineteenth Museum
Diverse tech consortium join forces to deploy new patented technology to create a first of its kind experiential center that merges the digital and physical worlds

GALVESTON, Texas - Californer -- Rypplzz and TNS proudly announce their partnership with The June19 Museum to create the world's first Juneteenth experiential center in Galveston, Texas at the historic Custom House. The Custom House Juneteenth Museum leaves the traditional model in the past. The exhibitions, activations, and events will connect visitors and infuse the pulse of African American culture into cities across the globe.

"TNS is honored to be able to expand the meaning and relevance of the national Juneteenth Holiday. The Galveston 1861 Customs House will now be more broadly recognized and heralded as a national treasure."

Thomas Carter - CEO TNS [1]

To execute this vision, a tech consortium (led by TNS and Rypplzz)[2]  will deploy patented technology (InterLife + LightPlay Spatial Browser) that transforms air into secure, intelligent, environments. A broad spectrum of  individuals and organizations will participate in conversations, performances, and digital content drops in locations leading up to the official opening in June 2023.

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"The Customs House June 19 Museum will celebrate the power and value of diversity and inclusion with a focus on abolishing the global scourge of modern slavery. I am proud and honored to be a part of this crucial social movement."

Kevin Jackson, President June19 Museum

The christening of the Custom House Museum this year will give attendees a prelude to how Rypplzz technology can provide immersive edu-tainment experiences, and serve as a resource for the community and beyond. Through geo-spatial content deployment, anyone can experience the dynamic activations anywhere, at any time.  Visitors to the museums (and users on LightPlay) will explore history through holographic, 3D/AR Deployments, and VR Metaverse Activations.

"Our technology allows curious minds to discover and experience the lessons from our history in an authentic, impactful way.  We see our technology being an equalizer and a big step forward in giving access to accurate and engaging information" Josh Pendrick - CEO, Rypplzz

The consortium is partnered with organizations including:  Hope for Justice, The NFL Alumni Academy, Jacqueline Griffin (CEO and founder of Moms Motivating Moms, and President of Robert L. Griffin III Foundation) to embody the values of historical icons like Martin Luther King, James Baldwin, Maya Angelou, and share stories left untold (i.e, The Tal Jones Story: Large gas corporations siphoned oil from his land for over a century, blocking his descendants from his rightfully owned assets) .

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Rypplzz, TNS, and the Juneteenth museum welcome collaboration with entities, organizations, and public figures to create curated content experiences.  Each experience incorporates stories that provide relevance to the Juneteenth Holiday, and the contributions of African Americans.[3]

If you are interested in adding your voice to the conversation, supporting the museum, or learning more, please contact Everett Woods at (310) 924-0527,

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