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Before you spend money on that direct mail campaign read this...

LOS ANGELES - Californer -- With online advertising costs increasing (like Facebook and Google Adwords) some are looking into direct mail as an alternative.

Unfortunately, the A/B-pile theory says every piece of mail a prospect receives gets sorted over the trash bin. As he or she goes through the mail, items that appear interesting or important go on their desk in the "A-pile" while everything else is tossed in the trash (the "B-pile"). Most postcards end up in the B or circular file.

We've all heard the stories of mail carriers disposing of bulk, or junk, mail to lighten their load. They know in most cases consumers throw this mail away. So why carry trash around all day? Making the rounds with less 'junk mail' certainly makes for an easier work day.

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Worst yet, some advertisers depend on a third-party mail house. These companies package, stamp, and deliver your mail to the post office. But are you ever sure that it all gets stamped or delivered?

Online Options
Some 'ad network' services claim to place your ad in hundreds of newspapers across the country for one low fee. The only problem is that you don't have a way to verify that your ad was placed in the newspapers. (Despite their offer to issue you an affidavit).

Even though  Facebook and Google provide metrics for how many times your ad has been 'clicked on' (click-through rate) you never see where your ad appears. You have to trust what they say is true.

Facebook has Ad Inventory Challenges
With more advertisers entering the Facebook channel daily, and billions in mobile ad revenue,  Facebook is running out of inventory and looking for other locations to place new ad formats, outside of News Feed, without cannibalizing user experience in the process.

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An Option You Can Verify
Call me old-fashioned but I like the idea of being able to locate my ad after it's been placed. I also like the idea of being able to place my ad online without the cost creeping up or it exceeding my budget! What if there was a new service that could do that?

Here would be the advantages:
- You could place an ad online and be able to go there and see it anytime.

- Your ad wouldn't get lost in a sea of junky spammy ads (or ghosted) like a popular site we know.

-  Individuals promote the site and drive traffic (paying customers) to your ad around the clock!

To see how it works go to the link below:


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