Facebook Account Suspended – Now What?
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There are several other problems with advertising on Facebook.

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Many folks still don't seem to get that on Facebook you are the product!

Facebook is leveraging your content, your life's memories, to sell ads.

There are several other problems with advertising on Facebook.

1) Unless you are paying Facebook for ads, no one sees your content!

2) Over-reporting the video plays (a recent discovery).

3) You need a significant budget to get your ad to convert. (Thousands of dollars are required to make anything significant happen).

4) Only logged-in users can see your ad.

5) It is a social network, not an advertising network.

The Guru Misdirect
With the online gurus teaching everyone "how easy" it is to advertise on Facebook it's no wonder so many accounts are getting suspended…

Unfortunately, if you are trying to advertise on Facebook it's not a matter of "if" but rather "when" your account will be suspended.

Accounts are suspended when Facebook suspects that there were unauthorized login attempts. In cases where an account is disabled, Facebook has completely disabled access to your account and profile because they believe you've violated their terms of service.

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How long a Facebook ban can last depends on what you violated and how often. For repeat offenses, the block can last up to 30 days. But it's not the worst part. In certain circumstances, an account can be banned permanently with no way to unblock it.

You probably already know that the folks encouraging you to advertise on Facebook usually have a course to sell.

There are also some significant disadvantages to advertising on Facebook. Here are just a few of them:

- Now you need to pay them to have any ads seen (this wasn't the case in the beginning).
- Misreported metrics – like the over-reporting of video play metrics (a recent discovery).
- Whoever pays the most gets the most eyeballs. (It takes thousands of dollars to get real results from your advertising).
- Only people who are logged in can see your ads.

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