For Memorial Day...And for your Digital Afterlife...What would you say from your Video Tombstone?
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You thought "Dead Men tell no tales"...Well, not anymore! Now you can plan your epitaph for a Video Tombstone. So...what kinds of things do you think we might hear from video tombstones...and will most of it be truth or lies?

SAN MATEO, Calif. - Californer -- "Video tombstones will have a tremendous impact on many aspects of society," according to Robert Barrows, the inventor of a video tombstone called the "Video Enhanced Gravemarker" (U.S. Patent #7,089,495).

1) Video tombstones will change the way we look at life and death.

2) Video tombstones will change the way that history is told.

3) Video tombstones will make cemeteries fascinating places to visit.

4) Video tombstones will also create two new industries:
A) Manufacturing video tombstones
B) Producing videos for use in video tombstones

5) Video tombstones will also create some major new revenue opportunities for many sectors of the funerary industry including monument builders, funeral homes, cemeteries and perpetual care fund providers.

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6) Plus, video tombstones will also create a whole new genre of storytelling, perfect for movies, books and TV because the video tombstone is an ideal storytelling device for all kinds of stories.

Along these lines, Barrows has also written a novel based on stories told through video tombstones. The book is called "Cemetery of Lies." "Cemetery of Lies" is a collection of intimate secret confessions, as told from beyond the grave, through video tombstones.

"The stories are about life and love, sex and romance, good and evil, success and money, truth and lies and Heaven and Hell, says Barrows. And...Cemetery of Lies is an easy read for a mass audience and the writing is sexy, provocative and humorous, too."

You can see more about Cemetery of Lies at
and you can see more about the video tombstone at

So, what kinds of things might you say from your own video tombstone?

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1) Would you just say sweet things to loved ones?
2) Would it finally be time to make amends?
3) Would it finally be time to tell your side of the story?
4) Or, would it be time to say everything you never had the guts to say nor the opportunity to say while you were still alive?

Before you start recording...First, let's get the lighting and the sound right, and then...check your wardrobe, your hair and makeup...and then..."Lights, Camera, Action!" And don't worry, you can always edit out anything you don't think you should say."

For more information about the Video Enhanced Gravemarker and "Cemetery of Lies," contact Robert Barrows at R.M. Barrows, Inc. Advertising and Public Relations in San Mateo, California at 650-344-4405,

Robert Barrows

Source: R.M. Barrows Advertising and Public Relations
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