Greenconn High-speed Connectors Feature High Performance in 5G Applications
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SHENZHEN, China - Californer -- Connectors play a key role in the signal transmission of telecommunication equipment. Driven by the 5G industry, high-frequency and high-speed have become a new direction for the development of connector technology.

For 25 years in the industry, Greenconn, a leading connector manufacturer, has been committed to providing customers with high-reliability interconnect solutions, and has developed a series of high-speed connector products to meet different signal and kinetic energy transmission requirements, related to the "large current and large voltage" features of 5G applications. These products include high-speed connectors with high board spacing, large mating tolerance, and 4Gbps high-speed mezzanine connectors with a large offset. Taking high-speed as the core technology breakthrough, we are able to meet the requirements of applications needing ultra-high stacking heights and large offsets, as well as high-speed performance indicators such as impedance, insertion loss, and crosstalk in a limited space structure.

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As 5G base station adopts Massive MIMO technology and beamforming technology, the channel number and design complexity of antennae increases, the technology iteration accelerates, and the demand for board-to-board high-speed connectors significantly increases as well. Greenconn has invested vast R&D resources in telecommunication connector products represented by 5G base station board-to-board high-speed connectors. For example, the board-to-board blind-mate connector uses precision stamping and injection molding to replace the traditional machining process, which greatly reduces the cost while improving product performance. The main performance of the product can even reach and partially exceed that of internationally renowned manufacturers, becoming the preferred solution for 5G base station AAU board-to-board connectors. Meanwhile, Greenconn's 5G high-speed connector with high board spacing and large mating tolerance have also been used in the high-speed interconnection of high-speed printed circuit boards in the field of telecommunication and big data servers.

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The Greenconn team believes that in order to meet the data transmission needs of the 5G era, high-speed connectors will continue to develop towards miniaturization, high flexibility, and high transmission rates, which puts forward higher requirements on the material, performance, and design of the connector. Greenconn will deepen the layout of digital transformation of the connector industry, invest in R&D and technological innovation, and strongly support the high-speed transmission of 5G communication with more refined and customized services to achieve safe and reliable products for our customers.

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