Has Dating for Love Expired? Should People Take Dating Advice From Taylor Swift: Love Like Taylor
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The original tradition of starting a family was organized by the parents, and then a new legacy was born. Has that all been lost?

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" I value a man for his good heart, and if he's a good person that's good enough for me." - Taylor Swift

In an old time war many men were required to fight for their home country. As the men died from the war; women didn't have many men to choose from for husbands. But now in the 21st century, a different problem has caused the separation of men, and women. According to hours of visual real time research many women rather have no restrictions, and that means no permanent men, children or responsibilities that would hinder their lifestyles. This major problem has caused global population decline according to the Health Data Organization. As real time data has shown men are leaving the dating market because they say women are asking for too much financially, and the current economy doesn't provide the financial means that women require. A famous singer that is known by the name Taylor Swift has said in the past she only dates from the heart, and if there's good love within that man then she's interested in moving forward. Should women take her advice? The research conducted by the Zip Recruiter company has revealed as of June 9, 2024, the average hourly pay for a male in the United States is $17.94 an hour. That computes to $34, 444.08 a year for an annual monetary income. So for the current financial requirements for men by women; is it reasonable to say women are asking for finances that the majority of men don't have? Real Estate's Marriage Survey revealed that out of 1,000 American adults 65% of them replied that they would never choose a dating candidate if they had poor finances, and high debt. As dating online applications fade out many are returning back to finding dates outside the home, but some women say suitable men to date are absent from the dating market. Men have made a statement around the nation that women have to change their ridiculous financial standard, and be more serious about dating. There was a man on a date, and he decided to financially spend $600 for the evening, but at the dinner the woman excused herself to the restroom, and did not return to the dining table. According to most dating men this has become the norm while dating for a potential spouse.

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