Ismail Sirdah and Marketing: A Perfect Match
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Well known for his unique ability to enhance his Marketing work into a work of art, Ismail Sirdah is dominant in the world of promotion within Latin and hispanic community in the Duluth area.

DULUTH, Ga. - Californer -- Ismail Sirdah admits that his excitement combined with burning passion is key to creating the work he creates today. He doesn't hesitate to bring some of that passion into his new venture, which is Marketing and events. Even with the new digital marketing style he is experimenting with, he attributes productivity to consistently highlighting 3 daily focuses. Out of these focus items are one of the quirks he talks about when he addresses the advice he would give his younger self. His unique style of doing things is what made him who he is today and brought about the popularity of his beloved artwork.

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Ismail Sirdah say's one of his biggest and best traits is striving to always be productive and gets his most important tasks out of the way first. Everyday, he gives himself the opportunity to evaluate his day ahead and determine the level of priority for each task.

The first priority: managing great relationships with his clients, by sitting down and having genuine conversations with them.

He attributes most of the success of his business to these genuine relationships instead of chasing after how much money he can make from each client. Sirdah prides himself in the ability to create quality content by being himself and allowing his uniqueness to take over.

Ismail Sirdah

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