A Letter From 'A Hot Set's' New Editor-In-Chief
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Kirk Navarro shares his vision for the publication as he takes the helm

SAN FRANCISCO - Californer -- A Hot Set (https://www.ahotset.com/) welcomes seasoned writer Kirk Navarro as the new Editor-In-Chief. He is eager to begin this role starting on May 16th, 2022.

A newcomer to the A.N. staff, Navarro has impressive editorial experience and a devotion to providing interesting and relevant content. Looking forward to his upcoming position, Kirk has written an open letter sharing his thoughts on the publication.

"The communicational speed of news content in a smaller, globalized, interconnected world and the lightning-quick rate by which we consume it, as I have seen, is the catalyst for sensationalization, misinformation, and unchecked biases in the modern world of journalism. So quick are people to condemn the names featured in low-brow think-pieces and on politically unbalanced major news networks without first considering what is fact or fiction; so easily do people adopt the opinions of men and women of recognizable visage and status as their own instead of taking the time to think critically and concoct a point of view for themselves; so willingly do the trendsetters of the journalist industry cater to the echo chambers that exist on both sides of the political spectrum in prioritization of clicks and profit over journalistic integrity.

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When I learned of A Hot Set and its mission, it felt like I was finally breathing air without smog. Seldom have I seen newsletter articles discussing people of color in the entertainment industry without any flavor of biased political and ideological undertones. As its new Editor-in-Chief, I will work with all my power to further A Hot Set's goals by accruing writers who wish to educate readers about the inside of the entertainment business and the people who make up its gears, where fact and analysis make up the content, not emotion-based, ill-educated opinions."

A Hot Set's mission to highlight color in entertainment media will continue to grow as Navarro assumes this role and encourages the development of pressing news and commentary.

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