MDSV Capital & Sydecar Announce launch of Capital Extension Program for Emerging Fund Managers an
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PALO ALTO, Calif. - Californer -- The Capital Extension Program (CEP) provides emerging manager venture funds (sub $100MM funds) and syndicate leads the ability to access follow-on capital for their most successful portfolio companies. The CEP is a dedicated pool of capital from MDSV Capital, the manager of the program, and will be powered by Sydecar's SPV and fund administration platform

"Emerging Managers in Venture Capital have an exceptional track record of identifying great start-ups and investing at the very earliest stages" …said Michael Downing, managing partner at MDSV Capital. "But because of their small fund size, they almost never have the ability to take follow-on investment opportunities in their best companies, which forces them to sacrifice significant additional returns." With today's launch, any fund or syndicate manager on Sydecar can apply for the Capital Extension Program, and if they are approved, access up to $5MM in available funds for follow-on investments into their best portfolio companies.

Interested managers can review the program requirements and submit an application at MDSV Capital's team of analysts will review the applications and provide a response within 5 business days. For approved opportunities, MDSV will create a Sydecar SPV to execute the investment and provide managers with a portion of the carried interest.

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Over the last 15 years, 92% of all "Unicorn" companies (valued at $1B or more) were originally backed by an emerging manager fund (according to Pitchbook). Emerging managers often write $200K-$500K checks into companies at the very earliest stage, but typically do not have capital available to invest in subsequent rounds. Subsequently, the fund's ownership shrinks over time and emerging managers often miss out on significant returns from their breakout companies. MDSV's CEP will give managers a chance to maintain or grow their ownership in companies that they took an early bet on and maximize their returns.

"Emerging Managers and syndicate leads who use SPVs to back promising start-ups play a critical role in the tech ecosystem, and they need more support, including access to high quality,  institutional capital. At Sydecar we're focused on solving the most critical needs of fund managers and other deal organizers to empower them  to generate superior returns for Limited Partners and to fund innovation. The CEP Program is 100% aligned in that goal," noted Shriram Bhashyam, COO of Sydecar.

About Sydecar:

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Sydecar is on a mission to bring more efficiency to private markets by standardizing how investment vehicles are created and executed. The Sydecar platform allows private investors to launch SPVs and funds instantaneously, track funding in real-time, and offer hassle-free opportunities for early liquidity.

About MDSV Capital

MDSV Capital is a Palo Alto California based Venture Capital Firm and platform focused on the Emerging Manager funds.

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Michael Downing, Managing Partner MDSV Capital


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