Open-sourcing quiet_assets gem to turn off the Rails asset pipeline log
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Seeing the wood for the trees with Rails asset serving. Every web developer has run into this at some point.

SAN FRANCISCO - Californer -- You're working on a site or an app, and you need to watch the logs, but all you can see are the requests for the static assets — images, stylesheets, fonts, and so on — making it impossible to see the log entries you care about.

We ran into this too, back in 2012. We were building apps on Rails, using the Asset Pipeline, and whenever we wanted to look at the logs generated by our controllers, they'd be swamped with requests for the assets on each of the pages. So, we assembled the quiet_assets gem.

Word quickly spread, and before long, thousands of developers were using it every day to keep their logs free of noise.

In fact, quiet_assets was so popular, and solved a problem that was so common for developers, that like all the best software, it served its purpose admirably for several years until it was rendered entirely obsolete.

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The quiet_assets gem was essential for the developers' community & improving the development experience. We always care about how friendly the infrastructure, the ecosystem of the project is, how convenient, fast it is for the developers. The work on quiet_assets proves our initiative & understanding of what developers love and need. Reach out to us via the form below if you need to update your project to the latest versions of the technology stack!

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