PEOPLE v. NAGDEMAN Update September 18, 1980 Cr: 11498
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California Court of Appeal, Fourth District, Division 1, California corrections afforded innocent party Cary M. Nagdeman, all charges were dismissed

SAN DIEGO - Californer -- After communications with the California (San Diego) Clerk of the Superior Court On November 28, 2007 the original claim and filings were reopened. The defendant Nagdeman entered a plea of Not Guilty and charges were dismissed for conviction HS 1137(a).

As per The County of San Diego DEPARTMENT OF THE PUBLIC DEFENDER – STEVEN J. CARROLL Case Number CR46355 was expunged.

What this means is: "This is to notify you that on November 28, 2007, the judge granted your motion to reduce your conviction to a misdemeanor, to set aside your conviction for HS 11377(a), enter a plea of not guilty and dismiss your charges. What this means is you no longer have a conviction, it has been dismissed (expunged)."

I request that GOOGLE at the very least publish this Press Release posting in response to update the improper filing you have for years posted on your Website(s). The posting in question was filed by located at

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Until recently, Cary Nagdeman was unaware of said incorrect posting. As per the legal powers to be in the City/County of San Diego California. As a law abiding citizen I respectfully request that my good name be restored.

The aforementioned party Cary Mitchell Nagdeman hereby requests that the posting filed online stating PEOPLE v. NAGDEMAN dated September 18, 1980 Cr: 11498 Case Number CR46355 be corrected and removed from all postings.

The link to said filing can be located at "PEOPLE v. NAGDEMAN dated September 18, 1980 Cr: 11498" if needed the Case Number is CR46355. The filing needed to be corrected is located at:  If any other information is required feel free to contact me.

Thank you in advance,

Cary M Nagdeman

Cary Nagdeman

Source: Cary Nagdeman
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