TCG Glass Debuts Unique Dichroic Glass Offering
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For any designer or architect looking to work with dichroic glass, TCG Glass is the only company now offering nonlaminated dichroic glass in large panels.

LAGUNA HILLS, Calif. - Californer -- TCG Glass, a manufacturer and specialist in decorative architectural glass, has just debuted a new dichroic glass product. Geared toward architects and designers, the product is tempered 3/8" dichroic glass available in large sizes. To date, TCG Glass is the only company offering true dichroic glass (not using a laminated film) in this thickness and size.

"In the past, if you wanted large-panel dichroic glass, your only option was to use glass with a laminated film," said Tim Casey, founder and owner of TCG Glass. "But no film matches the depth and character of color present in true dichroic glass. And, even more importantly, film can fail over time."

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DichroGlass™ from TCG Glass is a viewer-interactive, visually dynamic type of architectural glass. Depending on the lighting conditions and the position of the viewer, the glass reflects and refracts light differently. The result is an ever-changing visual experience ideal for artists and architects incorporating this product into buildings and storefronts.

DichroGlass™ is made in solid sheets using a multimillion-dollar metal deposition chamber. This creates a nonlaminated glass product that is not subject to the ripples, delamination, color streaking, and post-installation failure common with laminated dichroic glass.

"Our maximum dichroic panel size is one hundred forty-four inches by ninety-six inches. That's larger than you can find with any other glass manufacturer," said Casey. "The option to work with a product of that size opens up many creative design possibilities—without resorting to cheap film of questionable quality and durability."

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Whether you opt for laminated or tempered glass, all TCG products meet or exceed local, state, national, and international safety requirements. DichroGlass™ is available in vertical, horizontal, or glass flooring panels. The product is recommended for interior use with limited exterior applications. Geared toward custom projects, most orders are cut to size, which reduces glass, crating, and freight costs.

"Currently we offer three standard transparent colors. That's orange cobalt, lemon sky, and rose teal. For custom products, these can be laminated with mirrors or etched or textured glass," said Casey. "We also have a dichroic mirror product called Peacock Mirror, which is great framed or used as wall cladding."

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