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SUNNYVALE, Calif. - Californer -- At Sierra Circuits, we're committed to providing valuable resources to our community of designers and engineers. This is why we created SierraConnect, a unique forum where you can get professional-grade answers to all your PCB questions.

We're not just a forum; we're building a digital haven for circuit board enthusiasts, professionals, and hobbyists alike. Dive into our community, where the vibrant exchange of ideas, troubleshooting tips, and industry insights make SierraConnect the ultimate destination for all things PCB.


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As a member, you'll enjoy access to premium content that isn't available to the general public. From in-depth articles to webinars and courses, our community offers a treasure trove of information that can elevate your PCB expertise.

Ask Me Anything: Every Wednesday, renown experts in various PCB fields take the stage to answer your questions on specific topics. It's a straightforward opportunity to get valuable insights from professionals who know their stuff.

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Professional-grade support: Don't forget that SierraConnect is unique in that it provides direct access to Sierra Circuits' own PCB experts. Whether you're tackling a challenging project or just need some guidance, our experts are here to help. Simply tag @Sierra_Experts in your forum threads, and they'll provide professional-grade assistance.

Problem solving: Our community thrives on helping each other overcome PCB-related challenges. If you're facing a specific issue or have questions, post them in the forum, and our members will offer their insights.

Networking opportunities: Connect with industry professionals and enthusiasts who share your passion for PCBs. Collaborate, share ideas, and make meaningful connections within our community.


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