Why Homework is Ineffective in Montessori
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Now May Be the Time to Consider Montessori Elementary School

SAN DIEGO - Californer -- "At Lifetime Montessori School, we think homework is ineffective," says Kristin Edwards, M.Ed., and Director. "Homework stifles curiosity, motivation to learn and limits unstructured family and playtime."

The Montessori Method Difference

"The way we avoid homework at our private elementary school is this: students practice long and hard in the classroom, then meet one-on-one with their teachers," she says.

At a Montessori elementary school, concepts are taught rather than memorization facts for tomorrow's test.

"That includes our English/Spanish bilingual Montessori program, too," Edwards continues.

Why Montessori Avoids Homework

The Montessori Method is based on individualized learning. Students learn the things they're ready for and are passionate about.

As a result, children learn at their own pace. That freedom and lack of rigidity allow them to spend less or more time on specific subjects based on their passions and inherent skills.

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"Since a Montessori teacher does not have to teach all the students the same lesson at the same time, the child and instructor can focus on his or her problems alone and together," Edwards says.

As a result, children build:

• time management skills,
• self-motivation skills and
• a responsibility toward learning more advanced problems from older students.

The Lifetime Montessori Difference: Fewer Pupils Per Teacher,

At Lifetime Montessori School in San Diego, children practice…then, talk with the teacher so they can better grasp the subject matter. If they understand it, they go forward. If not, they engage in more conceptual practice.

"In our bilingual Montessori program, our focus is on long-term English/Spanish fluency," says Edwards.  "In this program, we use two teachers who complete one day's lesson all in English. The next day, we teach the same lesson all in Spanish. Over time, students immerse themselves in conceptual learning. And—no homework! Just joy at knowing two words for the same thing."

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Finally, Montessori schools do not give out grades. Progress reports, yes. Grades, no.

Lifelong Learning Needs Lifelong Curiosity

A love of learning, boundless curiosity and a need to understand how things work rather than memorize that they just do are core differences of a Montessori elementary education.

"If you are experiencing a nightly disagreement about homework with your child, we welcome you to consider enrolling your child in a program that builds character strengths—not testing abilities. That's our Montessori School in San Diego Difference—homework is ineffective in any language," she said.

Lifetime Montessori School in San Diego teaches 200 students aged eighteen months to Grade Six and serves the Carmel Valley through I-15 corridor in San Diego County.

Visit www.lifetimemontessorischool.com/free-tours to see the school.

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