American People Must Scrutinize President Elect Joe Biden's Cabinet Member Appointments
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President Elect Joe Biden's consideration of Cabinet member appointments and other positions must be scrutinized by the American people first

By Anh Lê

The New York Times article, "Top contenders for Biden's Cabinet draw fire from all sides" (November 28, 2020), reminds us that President Elect Joe Biden's consideration of Cabinet member appointments and other positions in his administration must be carefully scrutinized and vetted by the American people first.

Can his nominations withstand the most rigorous standards of what our government should look like?

President Elect Biden's selection of Cabinet members and other appointments must be done on the basis of who is the most competent person for the job, and not as "who is the most familiar face" to him or as "who is to be rewarded as political payday"?

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Michele Flournoy should not and must not be nominated as Secretary of Defense.

Her career and private consultancies have essentially been to connect her clients with defense contractors and weapons and armaments corporations.

Her businesses have been to work as a major lobbyist for both her clients and the defense and armaments corporations without being required to register as a lobbyist.

Antony Blinken was recently nominated by President Elect Biden to serve as Secretary of State.

The American people should know that Michele Flournoy and Antony Blinken have been close collaborative business partners in their various consultancies and businesses, and that both have profited financially greatly, and still do so, from their revolving door work with the Defense Department.

For someone like Michele Flournoy, whose career has been to peddle arms sales, to be nominated as Defense Secretary would be dangerous.

Would her business interests and profiteering from arms sales with the Department of Defense dictate her policy decisions?

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Would they also not propel her to make rash decisions to go to war against another nation, albeit a sovereign nation, under the pretext of a pre-emptive strike to "protect the homeland " and "defend the cause of peace"?

Defense contractors and weapons and armaments manufacturers profit greatly whenever our nation wages war abroad.

Imagine the inherent dangers and pitfalls of policy making between Ms. Flournoy at the Pentagon and Mr. Blinken at State.  It would be a scenario that would raise myriads of serious ethical questions and questions regarding conflicts of interest and their influence on policy making and decisions.

We the American people must heed the words of President Dwight Eisenhower, who warned us against the dangers of the "military-industrial complex."

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