Arcion Releases the Next Evolution of Real-Time CDC Data Pipeline Technology
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Schema Evolution with Arcion Self-Hosted
SAN MATEO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Arcion, creator of the only cloud-native, CDC-based data replication platform, today announced a major new product release that extends the platform's capabilities to include native log reader with Oracle databases, automated DDL-based schema evolution, and streaming column transformations. Combining with the end-to-end multi-threaded architectural design, Arcion is able to bring a 10x faster log extraction experience to Oracle users. The company also has expanded its range of source and target connectivity to include BigQuery, Azure-managed SQL Server, and Imply.

"Arcion is committed to investing in continuous innovation based on our customers' needs," said Arcion CEO Gary Hagmueller. "Our goal is to be the first choice in one-stop, whole-product solutions for large-scale data replication. Today, we're the only distributed, end-to-end multi-threaded CDC data replication platform on the market that makes it possible to design and deploy streaming pipelines in just minutes, with zero code and minimal engineering resources to maintain."

Arcion enables faster, more agile analytics and AI by replicating mission-critical transactional enterprise data to cloud-based data platforms in real time, at scale, and with guaranteed transactional integrity. As the only fully managed, distributed data replication-as-a-service on the market today, customers can deploy zero-code, zero-maintenance pipelines for a wide variety of enterprise transactional and open source databases as well as cloud analytic platforms.

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Arcion's Native Oracle Log Reader is especially well-suited for enterprises that want to replicate large-scale data from Oracle to other modern databases. Where competitive products typically only provide single-threaded streaming capabilities — or lack connectivity to Oracle altogether — Arcion's distributed and parallel architectural design offers unlimited scalability and 10x faster ingestion speed. That makes it ideal for customers of all sizes, including large financial institutions, large retailers, telecom companies, and other enterprises, seeking to replicate terabyte-scale data volume in a high-throughput fashion from their Oracle databases to Databricks, Snowflake, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SingleStore, Yugabyte, or other modern data platforms in a seamless experience.

The platform's schema evolution feature has been updated to capture DDL changes from a source database and automatically replicate those schema changes in the target, without the need to pause replication or update the pipeline configuration — and without any manual intervention.

Column transformations offer flexible, no-code, high-performance data transformations on the fly. This eliminates many of the common engineering tasks and overhead associated with staging tables, custom code, and data engineering, reducing the time and effort required to create and maintain data transformations, while improving performance in high-volume applications.

"We see a lot of organizations building out highly complicated solutions to meet their data replication challenges," said Rajkumar Sen, chief technology officer at Arcion. "They're heavy on engineering, and they still come with multiple limitations, performance bottlenecks, and complexity. With Arcion, enterprises can have guaranteed delivery and unlimited scalability, with features that vastly simplify the process of creating, deploying and managing real-time streaming data pipelines. Our latest release is evidence of our ongoing commitment to innovation and investment in that platform."

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About Arcion

Fortune 500 companies around the world rely on Arcion's distributed, CDC-based data replication solution to drive fast and accurate data insights. Arcion helps enterprises eliminate slow, brittle data pipelines and high-maintenance overheads. Break down data silos through high-volume, scalable change data capture pipelines with guaranteed transactional integrity. Learn more at, and follow the company on LinkedIn, YouTube and @ArcionLabs.

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Release Summary

Arcion offers a unified, scalable, no-code solution for data replication from Oracle and other enterprise data sources.

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Dottie O'Rourke
TECHMarket Communications
(650) 344-1260
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