Family Entourage Interviews NASA Astronaut Jose Hernandez
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From Working the Fields with His Family to "A Million Miles Away" in Space

SAN DIEGO - Californer -- Family Entourage: I am so excited to talk to you this morning. I just found your story to be so inspiring, unbelievable at points, because of your perseverance and this relentless pursuit of your goal. Maybe share a little bit about writing your story and then now getting to see it in this format of the film that so many more can consume.

Jose Hernandez: I'm very excited as well because when I left NASA, I started giving motivational talks. Those attendees recommended I write a book, which I did. And then the mothers recommended I write a children's book, which I did. And then the publisher said, "Give me a middle-reader book."

So, we had these three books written and I was out on the talk circuit and that's when a film studio came and said, "We think your story is worthy of having a biopic done." I was so humbled by that offer. When they wrote the first script and I read it, I said, "This could serve to inspire millions of people through this medium." And that's when I agreed to, I said, "Yeah, let's do this." The rest is history.

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FE: I'm so glad you did, and I love that you break it down with this recipe for success that you had, starting with identifying and finding a goal. Start with a snippet that others can glean, if they might be in a situation where they find themselves stagnant.

JH: It is exactly that, when I was 10 years old, I told my dad I wanted to be an astronaut, after seeing the very last Apollo mission on TV. He gave me that simple, five-ingredient recipe. He said, "First, determine your purpose in life. Second, recognize how far you are from that goal. Third, draw yourself a roadmap so you know how to get there. And fourth, prepare yourself according to the challenge you picked. And fifth, develop a work ethic second to none." He says, "You mix that up, Son, and that's the recipe to succeed." Then I add the sixth ingredient, which is perseverance. In other words, never give up on yourselves. You follow that six-ingredient recipe, and I'll make the same promise my father made to me, to your viewers, that they too can reach for their own stars.

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