How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything - Nora Sullivan Book Review
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If you were a fan of Nora Sullivan's first book, her new book may prove to be even more compelling...

LOS ANGELES - Californer -- As I write these words, the New Year is quickly approaching.

Having survived a pandemic and dealing with the 'new normal' many people could use some good news right now.

There are more reasons for needing some good news.

According to the Federal Reserve:
"American household debt hit a record $14.6 trillion in the spring of 2021..."

But that number is a bit generic and unrelatable. Here's one that might strike closer to home:

"According to financial experts, the percentage of Americans in debt is around 80%. 8 in 10 Americans have some form of consumer debt, and the average debt in America is $38,000, not including mortgage debt."

These financial numbers were compiled by folks who provide loans, do taxes and track debt. And, no surprise, home mortgages and student loans account for most of this consumer debt.

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There's no doubt the current holiday season will contribute more to this growing number.

Buying lots of stuff is a big obsession in our culture. (And Jeff Bezos appreciates that).

Many of the ways that people currently make money online involve selling stuff. Her previous book went into great detail about ways to help online merchants do that while getting paid.

That's what makes Nora Sullivan's new book so compelling and almost refreshing.

She offers another approach to an old model for earning online income that you can use for FREE!

Her new book is now on Amazon for only a buck!

But you can even get a sneak peek at the gist of this new approach in the book's description, also for free.

(If you are a true cheapskate and don't want to pay the dollar).


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