ImageEngine Introduces a Developer Program, Opening the Value of Image-Optimizing CDNs to Developers and Small Businesses
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ScientiaMobile, inc.
Image CDN lets developers harness – free of charge – its real-time image optimization technology for low-traffic websites to boost web performance.

RESTON, Va. - Californer -- ImageEngine, a leading provider in the Image CDN space, is thrilled to announce the launch of a new offering to developers: the new Developer Program is a free alternative to its flagship service. This new tier is designed to empower developers, startups, and small businesses by providing access to state-of-the-art image optimization technology at no cost, as long as usage does not exceed 10GB of monthly bandwidth.

Today, more than ever, website and app performance are crucial for user experience and SEO rankings. Images often constitute the bulk of webpage content, making their optimization essential for speeding up load times and saving bandwidth. With ImageEngine's advanced optimization capabilities, developers can now ensure their applications are faster, more efficient, and environmentally friendly by significantly reducing the data footprint of their images.

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The free Developer Program by ImageEngine is not just any offer; it's a testament to the company's commitment to innovation and support for the developer community. By making ImageEngine's technology accessible to a broader audience, ScientiaMobile aims to foster creativity, support emerging businesses, and drive forward the web's evolution towards a faster and more sustainable future.

Krishna Guda, CEO of ImageEngine, commented on the launch: "We're incredibly excited to open up ImageEngine to developers. Our mission has always been to enhance web performance and user experience through superior image optimization technology. By introducing this free Developer Program, we're not just lowering the barrier to entry for up-and-coming businesses and innovators. We're inviting them to join us in making the web a faster, more accessible, and sustainable place for everyone. With ImageEngine, webmasters can effectively boost the user experience of their low-traffic sites at no cost, with the option to move to one of the paid tiers as the popularity of their content increases."

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ImageEngine's free Developer Program is available immediately. Interested users can sign up and start optimizing their digital images right away, enjoying benefits such as:
  • Automatic image format conversion based on the end-user's device, ensuring the best balance between quality and file size.
  • Edge server technology that delivers optimized images from close location, improving load times.
  • Easy integration with existing websites and applications, making the transition to optimized images seamless and straightforward.
By offering this new tier, ScientiaMobile reaffirms its dedication to supporting the developer community and making automatic image optimization available to everyone. The company invites developers worldwide to leverage ImageEngine and join in their mission to accelerate the web.

Sign up to ImageEngine's free Developer Program at .

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