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Brian Psalms
Brian Psalms has released a new single, 'All The Time,' in support of his latest album, "Giving God My Destiny". If you like uplifting music, this song subtly sways the mind to peace, positivity, and calm.

HOUSTON - Californer -- 'All The Time' is now available for streaming on digital music platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon.

Like many, Psalms has overcome obstacles, and proudly shares his gratitude through the new single, 'All The Time.' As an artist who also writes, compose and records his own music, Psalms's production skills are comparable to gospel giants Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary, and Jonathan McReynolds.

When listening to 'All The Time,' the sincere gratitude for God's grace and mercy is undeniable. And, it's motivational. The graceful strings that open the song are reminiscent of 'Kissin You,' the classic 90's mainstream hit by Total.

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What's more, and complement to the pacifying production, are the lasting lyrics. The incredible chorus embodies a faithful message: Trust in Him / I know I can win / He is Good / All The Time. The song says "next" to negativity, and "yes" to the purifying presence of God.

'All The Time' is undoubtedly beautiful, memorable, timeless tune of urban gospel. It comes from his new album "Giving God My Destiny," a 17-song set of soulful, spiritual softness that effortlessly makes everything alright. The song provokes an attitude of gratitude, appreciating life's plentitude.

For anyone working to achieve their goals, even if that goal is to be happy, this song offers more than motivation, it offers the option to look at the bright side. It affirms just how good God is, has been, and will be.

Psalms did a stellar job with the casually confident 'All The Time,' as it's soothing to the spirit, and uplifting to the soul. He's got the model 2-step melodies on lock; you can press play on this in the car, in the shower, in the kitchen, and especially in the man cave.

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The overall production is professional, and its message of thankfulness is powerful. The consistent strings throughout the song is like God's unconditional persistence in rejecting bad energies. The song is a sound coming straight from heaven above.

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