Jack Martin Explores Political Conspiracy and Murder, Uncovering Secret History of the US
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IRVINE, Calif. - Californer -- Jack Martin will release the third book in the Alphonso Mystery Series, "Murder on the March" on March 9. Martin explores political conspiracy within the context of the Civil War, featuring the unhinged but highly skilled investigator, Alphonso Clay, as he is tasked with finding a traitorous murderer in the Union Army.

Combining historical fiction, murder mystery, political conspiracy, and horror, "Murder on the March" is a unique blend of genres that will leave readers wondering how the United States' untold history pertains to the political landscape of the country today. Martin uses historical research to bring figures from American history to life and to reveal a story that moves beyond fiction.

Martin says, "There is a 'secret history' of the United States where shadowy individuals, sometimes involving support from powerful organizations behind the scenes, struggle for dominion over America." His historical fiction explores this "secret history," and "Murder on the March" will appeal to readers who wonder about unknown forces that determine our fate.

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About the Book
Georgia, the summer of 1864: General William Tecumseh Sherman commands a mighty Union army, tasked with delivering a knockout blow to the Confederacy by rendering the rich resources of Georgia unavailable to the rebellion. Relying on impeccable intelligence, he launches an all-out attack on the Confederate lines at Kennesaw Mountain - and is bloodily repulsed. To make matters worse, his most reliable scout, Captain Ambrose Bierce, is critically wounded, and Sherman's most reliable general is mysteriously killed under the cover of battle. Sherman is persuaded by Union Army nurse Teresa Duval that these are murderous attacks perpetrated by a saboteur in his army. She urges him to summon Major Alphonso Clay, General Grant's sinister troubleshooter. Sherman is unaware that Duval is a spy for Wall Street financier Jay Gould and has her own agenda regarding Clay. Clay and his friend Lieutenant Jeremiah Lot find themselves accompanying Sherman's army on its march through Georgia, desperate to identify the traitorous murderer before he can strike again, and possibly allow the Confederacy to snatch a miraculous victory from the jaws of almost certain defeat.

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About the Author
Jack Martin is a native Californian, who graduated UCLA School of Law back when God was young and dirt was new (1976, if you must know). He spent 35 years in the aerospace industry, before recently retiring. Jack had a wonderful marriage of 27 years to his wife, Sonia, who passed away from ovarian cancer on Christmas Eve, 2009. She always urged him to write; so write he does. For pleasure, Jack reads books on history, astronomy, horror, and science fiction. At any given time, he is alternately reading a novel and a factual book. Connect with Jack through his website http://www.jacksmartin.com.

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