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James Gosling: "The more reliability you need out of the software, the more statically-typed language helps."

SAN FRANCISCO - Californer -- James Gosling, often referred to as "Dr. Java", is a Canadian computer scientist, best known as the father of the Java programming language. He did the original design of Java and implemented its original compiler and virtual machine.

Our DevRel, Grigory Petrov, had the opportunity to interview James, hope you enjoy it!

The Interview

As software developers and software consultants, we're trying to organize a community in Russia: Python, Ruby, Java, and Go communities. And we want to help our fellow developers by conducting interviews that highlight essential questions for our industry. I think that your experience and your work on Java can help developers to become better. So let's try to help them!

Some languages, like Go, leave out classes and inheritance, while others experiment with features like traits in Rust. As a language designer, what do you think is a modern, general-purpose, reasonable way for a programming language to do composition?

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James: I don't think I wouldn't do classes. I actually find that classes work pretty well for composition. I don't really have any good, clear ideas for what to do differently. And some of the things that I would do differently are a little strange. In C, there are macros, which are pretty much a disaster because the macros are not part of the language; they're kind of outside of it. The folks at Rust tried to do a decent job of fitting macros in the language.

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We are so grateful for the opportunity to talk with James and get his insight into the languages, features, and solutions that we use every day.

Also, we want to express gratitude to our colleague, Oleg Chirukhin from JetBrains, for assisting with the text version of the ​interview.

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