Palestine Situation for Israel Against Morals
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LOS ANGELES - Californer -- With the situation in Palestine. Israel is involved in much loud, immoral behavior, in the West and Palestine. They cause the harm of innocent life, very improper use of the city. As, they are factually known to be in the West with much immense loud, harassment that shouldn't be done in a city you abide in. Israel continues to use violence instead of correcting themselves, then hide as they continue to violate morals immensely and cause improper harm of life.

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They continue to violate natural boundaries and cause harm to people, when they need to refrain. Them in Israel are immensely immoral, know of such in the city loud, yet continue to harass when properly condoned. Then continue the very immoral use of violence, that is very negative, very fraudulent as they continue to harm what is others as they are theiving people.
They are in the city, very inconsiderate as they speak harassment in Israel where Islam is proper. Again the situation is immoral as Israel is condoned for very improper, very inconsiderate and being very hateful.

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