Plus size model Sheyla Fong talks about women's empowerment on social media and attracts over 1 million followers
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Plus size model, Sheyla Fong
Inspired by Ashley Graham, model shows her real body on Instagram without being afraid of criticism and inspires other women to do the same

VENICE, Calif. - Californer -- With more than 1.1 million followers on Instagram, the plus size model Sheyla Fong, 31, often uses the social network as a showcase of empowering content, such as photos and videos in which she appears with glued costumes, lingerie or super dug swimsuits. The model's motto is not to care about standards and criticism on the internet, which means that her followers are encouraged not to be afraid to show off her real body as well. "I have no problems with stretch marks or cellulite. This is normal for the female body," she declares.

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Sheyla also uses nets to criticize the thinness dictatorship. "The beauty standards of the internet are increasingly absurd. More and more girls are undergoing surgery in search of the 'perfect body'. Many followers agree with their testimonials and recommend the model as a reference on the subject 'real body'.

"I like to show my real body, and I see that many followers like it and send me direct comments. We need to end this search for the perfect body, because it does not exist," she declares.

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