Prelude and Loyal: Collaborating to Extend Canine Lifespans
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AUSTIN, Texas, April 19, 2024 ~ San Francisco-based company Loyal has recently announced a strategic partnership with Prelude, the leading electronic data capture (EDC) system for animal health-focused clinical research. This collaboration aims to advance the development of innovative solutions that align with Loyal's commitment to improving the health and longevity of dogs.

The increasing rates of canine ownership and demand for solutions to enhance the well-being of dogs have highlighted the need for innovation within the animal health industry. With this in mind, Loyal and Prelude have joined forces to provide an eClinical technology partner that will support Loyal's mission.

Through this partnership, Loyal will utilize Prelude's suite of data management products to enhance their research efforts, ultimately benefiting the longevity and well-being of dogs. Prelude's EDC system allows for seamless data collection, monitoring, and analysis, providing crucial insights for Loyal's studies. Additionally, Prelude's mobile ePRO app enables pet owners to input data directly into the EDC system, facilitating real-time owner feedback and improving study compliance.

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By leveraging Prelude's animal health data management products, Loyal can streamline their trials and improve the efficiency of their clinical studies. The flexibility of Prelude's EDC system and mobile ePRO app will serve as valuable tools in supporting Loyal's mission to extend the lives and improve the health of dogs.

Prelude CEO Tommy Jackson expressed his excitement about this partnership, stating that "their dedication to extending the lives of dogs aligns perfectly with our mission to accelerate the development of new life-saving medical products." He believes that together, they can make a significant impact on canine healthcare.

Laurel Yruretagoyena, Clinical Development Project Manager for Loyal, also shared her enthusiasm about this collaboration. She stated that "Prelude's products allow us to build and execute customized studies with a high standard," which is crucial in delivering on their mission of providing more healthy years with our beloved pets.

This partnership between Loyal and Prelude is a significant step towards advancing canine healthcare and making a lasting impact on the lives of dogs. With their combined expertise and resources, they are poised to revolutionize the animal health industry and improve the lives of our furry companions.
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