Tax Time Trauma? San Diego Based Offers a Marketplace With AI-Powered Relief for Businesses
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SAN DIEGO, June 18, 2024 ~ A new technology company,, is revolutionizing the way business owners handle their taxes. Founded by Sanjay Popat, offers a one-stop-shop platform powered by AI technology that connects business owners with accountants in the TaxGlobal marketplace.

Popat, who serves as the CEO of, understands the struggles that business owners face during tax season. "The complexity of tax codes and constant updates create a huge burden for business owners," he says. "Taxes are your biggest expense in any business and finding a good-fit accountant who can handle your tax work and more can be challenging."

This is where comes in to alleviate the compliance conundrum. With notoriously intricate tax laws and the risk of hefty fines and penalties for even minor errors, staying up-to-date on regulations is crucial. However, this requires constant vigilance which many busy entrepreneurs simply don't have.'s AI engine stays constantly updated on tax code changes to ensure that both business owners and their accountants are always operating with the most current information, minimizing the risk of non-compliance.

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In addition to simplifying compliance, also addresses the time management maze that many business owners face during tax season. Keeping meticulous records is crucial for accurate tax filing but can be a significant time drain for those juggling multiple tasks. The platform allows business owners to store their documents and automatically organizes them based on the information requested by their tax and accounting professional. It also offers bookkeeping services for those who prefer to handle it themselves or through their accountant on the platform.

"Our goal is to free up valuable time for business owners to focus on what they do best – running their business," says Popat.'s user-friendly platform caters to both individual business owners and CPAs with its key features including an AI-powered Q&A tool called Taby (short for tax buddy) that provides instant answers to any tax-related question, a smart matching engine that connects business owners with accountants specializing in their industry and tax/accounting needs, and cloud-based recordkeeping for secure and easily accessible financial documents.

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The platform also offers real-time updates on the tax filing process and allows users to pay all their service invoices through the platform. Additionally, business owners can connect with other like-minded professionals and discuss problems and find solutions through the "My Feed" page.

"Our AI helps users understand their tax obligations, while our network of tax and accounting professionals on the TaxGlobal platform provides personalized guidance," explains Popat. "This combination allows business owners to save valuable time and feel confident that their taxes are being handled accurately and efficiently."

With, business owners can say goodbye to the headache of tax season and hello to a brighter future for their taxes and accounting needs. For media inquiries, please contact via email or phone at 408-480-3522.
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