The Diesel System Podcast Season 2 Premieres on May 9, 2023
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The Diesel System
LOS ANGELES - Californer -- To coincide with the much-anticipated releases of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and Fast X, Casa Linda will premiere season 2 of The Diesel System on May 9, 2023. The Diesel System is a comedy podcast that puts a scientific lens on the films of Vin Diesel. It is hosted by Christian Silva & Spencer Campbell and produced by Yulissa Morales. You can listen to The Diesel System trailer here.

In each episode, hosts Christian Silva and Spencer Campbell dive deep into the films of action movie icon Vin Diesel. Together, they're running Vin's entire filmography through The Diesel System — a scientific method specifically designed to determine the definitive ranking of every single Vin Diesel movie. From Riddick to Groot to The Pacifier - every character is a brush stroke in Vin Diesel's ongoing cinematic tapestry.

The very serious and very scientific method just so happens to spell out the word DIESEL, which is entirely coincidental and serendipitous. The steps of the system, and their corresponding meanings are as follows:

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●       D - Dick energy - This one's pretty self-explanatory.

●       I - Intelligence, Integrity, Intensity - Every Vin Diesel character has these traits in spades, but each character favors one more than the rest.

●       E - Eroticism – A lover and a fighter, Vin has never been shy about his rogue sex appeal. What are the levels of sexuality in this film?

●       S - Sleeves - Diesel is the master of the sleeveless performance, but the sleeves themselves are a spectrum by which Vin's many roles can be analyzed.

●       E - Emotion - An action star unafraid to be in his feelings, what is the emotional state of the character?

●       L - Losers - Who takes the L? Who does Vin Diesel beat up or overthrow? And what not so subtle metaphor does that person represent?

When discussing the podcast, Spencer Campbell says, "There are movies and then there are Vin Diesel Movies (VDM™). And we owe it to the scientific community to further our understanding of these films. The Diesel System is about breaking down that special sauce with a few laughs around—but never ever at the expense of—the biggest movie star of our time, Vin Diesel." Christian Silva adds, "We like to think of Vin Diesel as a renaissance artist; one who specializes in painting really badass self-portraits. Through this process, we've uncovered fascinating bits of cinema history, surprising recurring themes, and have bore witness to a total reinvention of the modern day action hero. My closest friends are starting families and I have a Vin Diesel podcast. I have zero regrets."

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About the Hosts

Spencer Campbell is a social media/advertising guru and online personality. He's got over 300,000 followers and over 100 million views on his personal TikTok channel. He's worked with some of the biggest brands like Xbox and Call of Duty.

Christian Silva is writer/director and reluctant podcaster. As a development executive at Fremantle and WWE, Christian has worked on original series for HBOMax, Hulu, and Lionsgate. He wrote and directed the indie comedy web series "The Baddest Bad Boy," now streaming on Tubi.

Check out The Diesel System Season 1 episodes for

Furious 7 and Saving Private Ryan (yep, he's in that).

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