ViridisChem, Inc Offers FREE subscription to its flagship product for Researchers Working From Home
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SAN JOSE, Calif. - Californer -- The coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic is claiming many lives, impacting the health of close to 5 million people with 324,000 deaths worldwide. As an "unknown disease with many faces", it has pushed the scientific community into a frenzy to find cure. But community lock-downs and work-from-home challenges are forcing the R&D scientists to find new ways to get the critical information they need.

To help this situation, ViridisChem, Inc. San Jose, CA is offering a FREE ONE MONTH SUBSCRIPTION for its flagship product "Chemical Analyzer" that provides comprehensive toxicity information of every known or unknown chemical, including new or postulated drug targets, as well as their analogs and metabolites. Please refer to the company website ( and click on the "REGISTER" button.

ViridisChem offers a powerful AI driven cloud software platform that provides toxicity evaluation in REAL-TIME of every chemical and mixture covering even new drug-targets and proprietary chemicals. It has built the world's largest toxicity database with over 90 million chemicals and 2.5 billion properties, comprehensive experimental data repository, and regulatory data covering more than 135 global regulatory lists. Utilizing this comprehensive information its product Chemical Analyzer visually shows chemical's toxicity implications (environmental, health and safety) to help non-toxicologists (chemists and engineers) make environment-friendly decisions. Here is a short introduction to Chemical Analyzer:

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By using this product during early medicinal chemistry research, scientists can identify high-risk drug-targets and find their less toxic analogs and metabolites, even before they study the molecule.

As you can imagine, having this information available through an easy-to-use online product, when lab experimentation and access to toxicologists is difficult, can help scientists during this difficult time. Please refer to the company website ( and click on the "REGISTER" button.

Due to its unique offering of the most comprehensive toxicity database and ability to provide toxicity evaluation of any chemical in REAL-TIME, ViridisChem received recognition by several organizations, including United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) that validate the relevance of our solutions, and show that the company is making extraordinary progress in providing the right solutions. The company also received the "LAUNCH Chemistry Innovation Challenge 2016" award that was co-sponsored by the international organizations like LAUNCH.ORG, Estée Lauder, NIKE, IKEA, EBAY, TARGET, American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute, and many other partner organizations. During their National Conference held in 2018, American Chemical Society (ACS) also selected ViridisChem to participate in its "Innovation Fair".

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For more information, please contact ViridisChem at or visit

Telephone: +1(408) 250-6905

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