Waterside Productions Announces Juha Riverhills's New Book, "The Golden Book of Humanity"
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CARDIFF BY THE SEA, Calif. - Californer -- What is true spiritual development? What is unselfishness and Unconditional Love? Who, or what, governs our world? What kind of tools do I need on my journey to self-realization and enlightenment?

This book was channeled by Juha Riverhill in 2013, at a time when the vibrations of Earth were about to start rising high: one of the many changes in our world that took place after the year 2012.

3rd place winner of the Finnish Esoteric Book of the year 2015, The Golden Book of Humanity takes you on an amazing journey to the spiritual reality that surrounds us today. It is both a guidebook and a beautiful summary of basic spiritual knowledge, and a must-read for anybody looking for a stronger connection with themselves and with Unconditional Love - the life force that is everywhere and in everything. Step on the path to personal self-realization and your inner divinity!

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- New knowledge about Unconditional Love and the 12 rays
- Keys to self-development and enlightenment
- How the Ascended Masters guide our lives and our world
- Perspectives on overcoming your fears and clearing the obstacles on your spiritual path
- Easy exercises to help you control your thoughts, expand your awareness, and work with your Ego
- Practical tips and tools on giving and receiving love, acting from your heart, and creating the life you truly deserve
- A new understanding of twin flames
- And much more…

About the author

This book was channeled by Juha Riverhill, a gifted spiritual teacher, speaker, and writer from Finland with over twenty years of experience in spirituality and personal counseling. Specialized in helping people release their fears and illusions and create their life anew, Juha offers online courses and webinars, gives speeches, and teaches personal and spiritual development from a personal and collective point of view.

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As a natural clairvoyant and clairsentient, he has worked with hundreds of clients during his career and gained remarkable insight into the spiritual and psychological aspects of human beings. This insight he is now sharing with others, which raises our understanding of our reality to a whole new level.

On his own spiritual journey, Juha has overcome countless spiritual challenges, attained self-realization, and faced himself, his life, and the world from a broad perspective and with an open mind. He shares his personal experiences with his readers and listeners while helping them work towards their own self-realization.

Get your copy today: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1949003922

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