Young Author Releases Debut YA Fantasy/Sci-Fi Drama About the Importance of Friendship and Mental Health
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Focused on relationships and introspection, A Warm Touch by Connor Shane follows two kids as they navigate how to maintain and nourish friendships while maintaining healthy relationships with themselves.

SAN DIEGO - Californer -- Centuries after the extinction of humanity, a new world exists with high technology and animal-like intelligent life forms. But some things never change as the challenges of friendship and mental health issues persist in this modern world. Prior to their extinction, scientists experimented with gene splicing, hiding the new species underground prior to annihilation. In this thrilling young adult sci-fi/fantasy, a group of teenagers are scouts sent on missions into unexplored territory. Teen protagonists Similic and Drift are on such a mission together until Drift was kidnapped. Returned after six months, no one understands what Drift experienced and they aren't sure what to believe. Drift has to deal with rekindling her friendships and building trust back with her friends as she navigates her own feelings from her traumatic experience.

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Shane noted he took things from a mixture of his life's details as the inspiration for the story. "The humanoid animal characters came from my desire to take what I love most about humans and animals and combine them. I find these sorts of characters to be very expressive in all forms of art, and I wanted that to be a main symbol of my story. The premise of it being in the future is more based on the books that influenced me over the years."

Early reviews for A Warm Touch praise the author's efforts in depicting a riveting story, dealing with complicated relationship issues with a fresh, unique perspective.
  • Reader Views says, "The author successfully incorporates themes of friendship, problem solving, self-examination, and the inevitable cycle of change in relationships."
  • Another reviewer notes, "Shane truly has a creative gift for putting his active imagination into words."

A Warm Touch (ISBN: 979-8379340117, Independently Published, 2023) is available for purchase on, as well as local and online bookstores.

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About the Author

Connor Shane
is a young author currently making his way through community college. He hopes to become an ecologist one day in order to help better understand and protect the wildlife of our planet. Connor loves a story that carries a message and believes art is one of the most beautiful ways to teach lessons, allowing us to live our best days. He prefers deep discussions about life as opposed to throwing opinions about the weather into the wind.

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