Zuubly Reviews - Here's the Problem with This Approach
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Thinking about setting up lots of little websites (minisites) to drive traffic for income?

LOS ANGELES - Californer -- What you are about to read may be eye-opening.

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How It Works
Sites like Zuubly are selling you on the idea of creating a minisite to sell to clients. Actually, they are saying that your clients will pay for the leads that the sites generate. They say clients will pay anywhere from $6 to $50 (or more depending on the niche).

But Here's the Problem
If your car broke down in some unknown region of the country you wouldn't go online and look for a local towing company. Instead, you would simply pull out your AAA (triple "A" card).

Let's say that you are not in a dire emergency and instead need a plumber or electrician. You are not going to search for some random company. You will use Yelp, BBB, or ask a friend for their recommendation.

A Bigger Problem

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Because so many small businesses have gotten burned with this whole "pay for leads" thing many don't do it anymore. There are places overseas that send fake leads through these pay-per-lead sites. It's a big problem! Instead, smart business owners will only pay for a client that you generate.

The Problem Changes
Now you only get paid when a client gets a new client/customer from the lead. Here it gets more complicated. You are at the mercy of your client's intake system:

- Does the receptionist answer the phone quickly?
- Do they service clients properly?
- What is their sales process?

Are you seeing it?

This is why the pay-per-lead business is dying a not-so-slow death.

YouTube Ads
It's a bit like what I call the YouTube "skip" ads. That expert who is selling you the 'make money' thing before the video you are trying to watch is doing a bait and switch.

If that thing is making so much money why are they willing to reveal its secrets to you (instead of just making money with it)?

We (PaidLetter.Com) have written about how insane some of this stuff has gotten.

But if you are looking for a decent side hustle you can feel good about promoting click the link below:



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